IBS strictly follows the rule, regulation, disciplinary of all students and evaluate them accurately. Library is available in our premises for all students.
  • Classes:

    • 1. Students should attend all classes of each course.
    • 2. Student can attend in exam(s) as regular student if her/his attendance is more than 85% and can attend in exam(s) as irregular student if her/his attendance is 60% - 85%.
    • 3. Student can’t attend in exam(s) if her/his attendance is less than 60%.
    • 4. If any student misses or absent any class and fails to show any satisfactory reason in written s/he has to pay a fine of Tk.50/- each class.
    • 5. All students must attend all the class in time. 10 minutes late is considered for one or two sessions. Frequent late attendance may affect her/his academic activity.
    • 6. If any student absent in any class due to emergencies or matters beyond a student's control is considered but s/he must inform in written to IBS management well in advance or immediate after he joins in class with proper evidence. Frequent or repeated absence is detrimental to academic progress.
    • 7. No irrelevant questions can be asked in the classroom.
    • 8. Mobile phones must be turned off in the classroom. If emergency vibration reaches, it can be turned on without affecting class concentration.
  • Evaluation:

    IBS evaluation systems are followed by Case Analysis, Assignments, Presentation, Participation, Attendance and Exam(s).

    • a. Students must attend tutorial, assignments, case analysis, presentation, participation, etc. on the date announced by the Faculty Member / Management of IBS. Failure to attend the tutorial, case analysis, presentation, assignments / term paper will affect student’s grade and has to pay Tk.500/- for each assessment.
    • b. Each Exam (midterms and final) must attend on the date announced by the Faculty Member / Management of IBS.
    • c. Retake (supplementary) exam may be conducted with necessary fine and permission of the authority.
    • d. Re-exam can be taken with a fine of Tk.500/- per course per person.
    • e. Copying on examinations / assignment is academically dishonesty, and if students practice in such activity will be subject to disciplinary measures. Individual assignments can be discussed in-group but must be prepared individually.
    • f. Students must clear their regular tuition fees before attend each and every exam. Else IBS has all the right not to allow a student in any exam.
    • g. Midterm exam results will be published by the IBS authority.
    • h. Final result will be published by the National University. Student can check their result on the website at –
  • Library:

    • a. Text Book is Library asset. Students will be given all semester books from the Library at the beginning of each semester.
    • b. Books must be back to IBS-Library within 5 (five) days after the semester final examination.
    • c. If anyone fails to back the books in time s/he has to pay a late fine of taka 10/- for each book per day delay.
    • d. Students are requested to keep all the books in well. If books damage or lost or for any reason it is not readable then s/he has to pay the price of the book.
  • Contact:

    • a. The instructor may be contacted by e-mail or help session may be arranged with any questions or concerns. If person-to-person conversation is necessary, the student should e-mail the instructor or the Principal of IBS with a time and phone number where the student can be reached.
    • b. Student must be updated her/his contact numbers at IBS.
  • Disciplinary:

    • a. All students are requested to maintain mutual respect to Students, Teachers and Management.
    • b. Grouping is highly restricted in the campus.
    • c. If there is problem please come individually, Management will try to solve the problem.
    • d. All students are requested not to ask for any unethical advantages either to Faculty Member or Management.
    • e. The IBS Management has all the right to take any disciplinary actions against any student, which include cancellation of a student's registration.
  • 1st Year Courses

    1st Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-1101 Introduction to Business 3.0
    BBA-1102 Principles of Accounting 3.0
    BBA-1103 Introduction to Computer 3.0
    BBA-1104 Business Mathematics 3.0
    BBA-1105 English 3.0
    2nd Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-1201 Business Communication 3.0
    BBA-1202 Intermediate Accounting 3.0
    BBA-1203 Principles of Management 3.0
    BBA-1204 Micro Economics 3.0
    BBA-1205 Business Statistics - I 3.0
  • 2nd Year Courses

    3rd Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-2101 Principles of Finance 3.0
    BBA-2102 Principles of Marketing 3.0
    BBA-2103 Organizational Behavior 3.0
    BBA-2104 Macro Economics 3.0
    BBA-2105 Business Statistics - II 3.0
    4th Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-2201 Insurance & Rick Management 3.0
    BBA-2202 Cost Accounting 3.0
    BBA-2203 Computer Programming 3.0
    BBA-2204 Business Law- I 3.0
    BBA-2205 Theory & Practice of Banking 3.0
  • 3rd Year Courses

    5th Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-3101 Business & Society 3.0
    BBA-3102 Auditing 3.0
    BBA-3103 Taxation in Bangladesh 3.0
    BBA-3104 Business Law - II 3.0
    BBA-3105 Bangladesh Studies 3.0
    6th Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-3201 Financial Management 3.0
    BBA-3202 Entrepreneurship Development 3.0
    BBA-3203 International Business 3.0
    BBA-3204 Marketing Management 3.0
    BBA-3205 Production Management 3.0
  • 4th Year Courses

    7th Semester
    Code Title Credit
    BBA-4101 Human Resource Management 3.0
    BBA-4102 Management Accounting 3.0
    BBA-4103 Project Management 3.0
    BBA-4104 Strategic Management 3.0
    BBA-4105 Management Info. System 3.0
    8th Semester (Marketing)
    Code Title Credit
    MKT- 4231 Consumer Behavior 3.0
    MKT- 4232 Marketing Research 3.0
    MKT- 4233 Marketing Promotion 3.0
    MKT- 4234 Brand Marketing 3.0
    MKT- 4234 Viva & Project Paper Defense 3.0
    8th Semester (Finance)
    Code Title Credit
    FIN-4241 Financial Analysis 3.0
    FIN-4241 Sec. Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt. 3.0
    FIN-4241 Financial Markets & institutions 3.0
    FIN-4241 Public Finance 3.0
    FIN-4241 Viva & Project Paper Defense 3.0
    8th Semester (Management)
    Code Title Credit
    MGT-4251 Management Thought 3.0
    MGT-4252 Indst. Reln. & Conflict Mgmt. 3.0
    MGT-4253 Comparative Management 3.0
    MGT-4254 Industrial Psychology 3.0
    MGT-4255 Viva & Project Paper Defense 3.0
    8th Semester (Accounting)
    Code Title Credit
    ACC-4261 Accounting Theory 3.0
    ACC-4262 Financial Statement Analysis 3.0
    ACC-4263 Specialized Accounting 3.0
    ACC-4264 Corp. Reporting & Disclosure 3.0
    ACC-4265 Viva & Project Paper Defense 3.0
    8th Semester (Information System)
    Code Title Credit
    INF-4281 E-Comm. Strategies in Business 3.0
    INF-4282 Information System 3.0
    INF-4283 System Analysis & Design 3.0
    INF-4284 Programming Tech. for Business 3.0
    INF-4285 Viva & Project Paper Defense 3.0
  • New Syllabus

    1st Year Courses

    1st Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credit
    510101 Introduction to Business 3.0
    510103 Biz. Comm. & Report Writing 3.0
    510105 Basic Accounting 3.0
    510107 Business Mathematics 3.0
    211501 History of Emerg. of Ind. B.desh 3.0
    2nd Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    510109 Principles of Management 3.0
    510111 Taxation in Bangladesh 3.0
    510113 Computer & Information Tech. 3.0
    510115 Theory & Practices of Banking 3.0
    510117 Micro Economics 3.0
  • New Syllabus

    2nd Year Courses

    3rd Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credit
    5210119 Business Statistics-I 3.0
    520121 Organizational Behavior 3.0
    520123 Legal Environment of Biz. 3.0
    520125 E-Commerce 3.0
    520127 Macro Economics 3.0
    4th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    520129 Risk Mgmt. & Insurance 3.0
    520131 Business Statistics-II 3.0
    520133 Human Resource Mgmt. 3.0
    520135 Export-Import Management 3.0
    520137 Supply Chain Management 3.0
  • New Syllabus

    3rd Year Courses

    6th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    530149 Financial Management 3.0
    530151 Marketing Management 3.0
    530153 Management Accounting 3.0
    530155 Enterprise Resource Planning 3.0
    530157 Research Methodology 3.0
    530158 Viva Voce 3.0
  • New Syllabus

    4th Year Courses

    Major in Marketing
    7th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credit
    542301 Customer Relationship Mgm. 3.0
    542303 Consumer Behavior 3.0
    542305 Brand Management 3.0
    542307 E-Marketing 3.0
    542309 Service Marketing 3.0
    8th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542311 Selling and Salesmanship 3.0
    542313 Integrated Marketing Comm. 3.0
    542315 SME Marketing 3.0
    542317 International Economics 3.0
    542319 Agricultural & Food Marketing 3.0
    542320 Internship/Project defense 3.0

    Major in Finance & Banking
    7th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542401 Corporate Finance 3.0
    542403 Working Capital Management 3.0
    542405 Bank Management 3.0
    542407 E-Banking 3.0
    542409 Fundamentals of Investments 3.0
    8th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542411 Financial Markets & Institutions 3.0
    542413 Financial Analysis & Biz. Valuation 3.0
    542415 Fiscal and Monetary Policy 3.0
    542417 Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgm. 3.0
    542419 Real Estate Finance 3.0
    542420 Internship/Project defense 3.0

    Major in Accounting & Iformation Systems (AIS)
    7th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542501 Intermediate Accounting 3.0
    542503 Advanced Accounting 3.0
    542505 Working Capital Management 3.0
    542507 Financial Statement Analysis & Business Valuation 3.0
    542509 Corporate Governance 3.0
    8th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542511 Accounting and Info. Systems 3.0
    542513 Auditing 3.0
    542515 Adv. Cost & Management Accounting 3.0
    542517 Accounting Theory 3.0
    542519 Acc. for Govt. & Non-Profit Org. 3.0
    542520 Internship/Project defense 3.0

    Major in Management Studies
    7th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542601 Organization Development 3.0
    542603 Global Management 3.0
    542605 Conflict Management 3.0
    542607 Management Thought 3.0
    542609 Career Planning and Development 3.0
    8th Semester
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    542611 Industrial Relations 3.0
    542613 Management Information Systems 3.0
    542615 Operations Management 3.0
    542617 Strategic Management 3.0
    542619 Total Quality Management 3.0
    542620 Internship/Project defense 3.0