About IBS

History of IBS

Moments of Institute of Business Studies

It’s a Matter of great pleasure as well as a great honor to be associated with the Institute of Business Studies (IBS) Which was set back in the year 1997 and a National University Affiliation in the year 1998. Since its inception, with the noble view of dispersing knowledge, rays of wisdom among intentions students –who are greatly classified and especially have been exposed as privileged-its purposive journey of providing qualitative and sustainable education has steadily been going up and has remained ever committed to excel in persuasions. It is also encouraging and enthusiastic that IBS has introduced 04 years of BBA (Hon’s) Courses at the National University blending Highly professional skill-acquiring extra-curricular settings. We believe this will certainly make a difference among its students who will have a categorical advantage in getting the cooperative edge in the job market.

Carefully tailored courses and their keen supervision by a group of professional and highly reputed teachers are also of great mention. We wish its overall success and gradual improvement on the occasion of its vigorous, resurrected running at the present address.

First and Second Batch of IBS

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