Spoken English

Spoken English and Phonetics

There is nothing much to say about the importance of learning how to speak English. It has become a very essential part of our practical and professional life. Speaking English gives you the edge to remain at the forefront of competition and is regarded as equal, if not more important than academic qualifications. Business, Job, Studying Abroad, even studying in good institutions in the country require needed skills in Spoken English. Listening to English songs, watching English movies and news, reading English newspapers are very important in the process of developing speaking skills. Most importantly, you need an environment where you could exercise the above-mentioned things with the help of an experienced and friendly instructor. We have combined Speaking, Listening, Reading, Movie show, Vocabulary in a very effective manner which will definitely help you master the skills of speaking this international language better.

IBS Courses Content


Basics of Speaking English, Conversation Techniques, Self Introduction, Talking about people, Talking about different topics, Collocations, Constructions, Talking over the phone, Tongue-twisters, Important English Phrases for daily life, Most common English words, Learning vocabulary through pictures.


Presentation skills, Talk-shows, News presentation, Situational English, Debates, Conducting a meeting.


Basic to advanced pronunciation/Phonetics, 44 sounds of English, Word stress, Sentence stress, Connected speech, Strong/weak forms, Elision.


Listening skills, Understanding English, Movies/Songs

Reading & Grammar

Essential English Grammar, Improving reading skills

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